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More performances of Great Hartselle Bank Robbery possible

Published 11:57am Saturday, September 14, 2013

The director of College Street Players’ production of the Great Hartselle Bank Robbery of 1926 said that a second performance could be added on each Tues., Sept. 17, and Sat., Sept. 21, if there is an overflow crowd.

Director Dena Nagel said she is expecting large crowds to attend the performances. However, the seating area has been reduced due to the staging areas needed for the performances.

The balcony will be closed to attendees, leaving about 100 to 150 seats on the main floor.

The Sept. 17 performance has been set for 7 p.m.

The Sept. 21 performance has been set for 6 p.m. If a second performance is needed, it will begin around 7:15 p.m.

College Street Players is present a play entitled “The Great Hartselle Bank Robbery of 1926″ at the Hartselle Fine Arts Center.

The script was written By Martine Bates Sharp with Rachel McKelvy and John Ballew.

The play focuses on one of the most infamous event in the history of Hartselle.

It began in the early morning hours of March 15, 1926, when 15 men arrived at Hartselle’s telephone exchange.

Using a handsaw, the men cut the three cables that linked Hartselle to the outside world. It took eight nitroglycerin blasts to open the vault.

The town was held hostage for the next four hours, as the men took cash, gold bars and some silver coins. The bandits got away with nearly $15,000 and were never caught.

Cast members include:

Sonja McKelvy

Steve Sandlin

Dusty Keel

John Ballew

David Amos

Lou Woods

Michael Ballew

Brent Maze

Corey Doshier

Jeff McMinnemon

Jonathan Bragwell

Sarah Bragwell

Patrick Paterson

Jenny Faulk

Cape Sandlin

Jeff Redmond

Tim McKelvy

John Mark Waynick

Dan Bennich

Dewayne Tapscott

Richard Nagel

Cindy Davidson

Bill Drake

Randy Garrison

Katie Glasgow

Lib Speake

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