Workers raise the Hartselle Enquirer tent for Saturday's Depot Days Festival. | Randy Garrison
Workers raise the Hartselle Enquirer tent for Saturday's Depot Days Festival. | Randy Garrison

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Depot Days going on rain or shine

Published 11:54am Friday, September 20, 2013

A 70 percent chance of rain may be in the forecast for Saturday, but it will take more than rain to stop the 33rd annual Depot Days Festival from happening, according to event organizers.

Susan Hines, president of the Hartselle Area Chamber of Commerce, said the event will go on as planned regardless of wet weather conditions.

“We’ve had Depot Days events in the past where everyone was carrying around umbrellas,” Hines said. “This is a rain or shine event. If it rains, we won’t stop. We may just get a little wet.”

Hines said some events could be delayed due to lightning in the area, but it will resume as soon as those storms move out of the area.

In addition to the activities in downtown, the Hartselle Kiwanis Club is sponsoring the Thirteen One Half Marathon on Saturday morning at 7 a.m.

Club member Justin Barley said they have 152 participants already registered and more could register Saturday morning. He said they will be taking late registration for the half marathon up until 6:20 a.m.

“We have about half of the runners that we were hoping to have, but it’s a great start for this event,” Barley said. “It gives us something to build on for the future.”

Barley said the half marathon has attracted athletes from as far away as Kentucky. He also added that there are several runners from Tennessee and Georgia.

Many of those runners, Barley added, will be first time visitors to Hartselle.

“I think it’s an event that will help draw more people to our area,” Barley said. “The half marathon route is in a scenic part of Morgan County around Quail Creek Golf Resort. Many of the out-of-town runners are staying at the inn at Quail Creek.”

He also said rain will not cancel the run. If there is any thunder and lightning at the beginning, he said race officials will determine whether it will be enough to delay the race.

“If there’s lightning, we’re going to have to make a decision about that,” Barley said. “I hope it doesn’t delay the race. We started the race a 7 a.m. due to the possibility of the middle of the day heat.”

He said that a few roads closures around Quail Creek will occur during the race, but traffic delays should be limited.

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