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Pierce finishes another book

Published 2:15pm Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Local author Matthew Pierce is back on with his new book “The Green Mountain Kids.”

Pierce, who lives in Hartselle, said the inspiration for his new book goes back to the days of his childhood growing up in the Huntsville area.

“We were never allowed to go up on Green Mountain,” Pierce said. “My friends and I would always make up stories about what we thought really went on there.”

The story is set nearly 40 years into the future after the American economy had crashed and caused an economic depression that has devastated the country.

Matthew Pierce's book entitled "The Green Mountain Kids" is available at
Matthew Pierce’s book entitled “The Green Mountain Kids” is available at

Teens Reece Boulette, Calypso Jane and their friends attend Mountain Gap High School. The book highlights their fight to stay alive.

“They don’t really know what’s wrong with them,” Pierce said. “They have headaches and they get worse every day.”

Their fight for survival takes them to the mountain, where they make troubling discoveries about the Black Suits, a group of people that always come for people who are different.

The students learn that they aren’t like typical high school teenagers. They have special abilities, but they don’t know why.

“It’s much like your typical teenage adventure story,” Pierce said.

Pierce’s heavy local influence continues throughout the book including an arsenal, much like Huntsville’s Redstone Arsenal.

Also, Pierce decided to feature Maci Gassoway of Hartselle on his new book cover.

“My wife and Maci both work together at a local restaurant,” Pierce said. “It worked out great to have her on the cover.”

Pierce isn’t planning on ending the story of “The Green Mountain Kids” with this book.

“There are some obvious loops still left open for a sequel,” Pierce said. “I’m already working on the next book in the series.”

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