Morgan County Marriage Licenses for Oct. 9

Published 3:06pm Wednesday, October 9, 2013

•Douglas Arnold Blake, 02-18-1994, of Decatur to Brianna Summer Byrd, 09-12-1996, of Decatur

•James Gregory Riddle, 12-19-1964, of Decatur to Lisa Marie Puckett, 11-09-1992, of Decatur

•Christopher Scott Boyer, 12-31-1972, of Hartselle to Regina Diane Ramey, 01-17-1972, of Hartselle

•Jeremy Loyd Esco, 07-07-1993, of Somerville, to Jessica Nicole Dempsey, 05-24-1995, of Somerville

•Ezekiel James Eubanks, 05-05-1982, of Hartselle to Megan Ryan Emerson, 01-15-1992, of Hartselle

•William Clayton Massey, 09-15-1956, of Somerville to Kimberly Renea Johnston, 01-28-1971, of Somerville

•Schuyler Martin Forman, 01-09-1991, of Hartselle to Audrey Elizabeth McClanahan, 04-13-1991, of Hartselle

•Ryan Lynn Moore, 07-01-1982, of Decatur to Lanhuong Thi Nguyen, 05-07-1973, of Decatur

•Christopher Lee Suszylo, 11-08-1988, of Decatur to Ashley Tashay 09-26-1991, of Decatur

•Bradley Shawn Taylor, 07-18-1981, of Decatur to Heather Catherine Tynan 01-21-1980, of Decatur

•David Wiley Ard, 12-26-1982, of Decatur to India Lee Irwin, 02-07-1983, of Decatur

•Jarod Blake Grantland, 09-21-1982, of Monett, MO to Heather Lea Brandt, 05-17-1982, of Monett, MO

•Danny Carl Mason, 02-25-1964, of Decatur to Rebecca Ann Oden, 06-13-1970, of Somerville

•David Clinton Sharp, 11-17-1978, of Decatur to Vandever Michelle Janollari, 09-26-1979, of Decatur

•James Roy Dobbs, 06-04-1975, of Decatur to Christy Michelle Skaggs, 112-04-1979, of Decatur

•Matthew Ryan Kilgro, 05-21-1989, of Decatur to Kirsten Taylor Collins, 04-06-1988, of Decatur

•Henry Thomas Hardin, 10-10-1959, of Hartselle to Tammy Lynn McCarty, 07-13-1967, of Falkville

•Jonathan Dustin Cook, 09-17-1977, of Hartselle to Mary Alison Lyle, 03-22-1987, of Hartselle

•Darrell West Avans, 08-28-1983, of Danville to Heather Lee Ann Haggamaker, 06-19-1985, of Danville

•Jonathan Ray Bonner, 11-18-1964, of Cottondale to Karen Madeline Boykin, 2-12-1964, of Tuscaloosa

•Bruce Aaaron Lott, 09-21-1990, of Hartselle to Kelsey Maclyn Starr, 11-20-1991, of Hartselle

•James Wendell West, 01-05-1966, of Cullman to Ladonna Lea West, 11-17-1961, of Cullman

•Thomas Lee Martin, 03-28-1981, of Lacey’s Spring, to Sara Rebekah Sharp, 10-10-1981, of Lacey’s Spring

•Tyler Bruce Harrison, 12-10-1992, of Falkville to Allison Diane Shirley, 12-20-1991, of Hayden

•Keith Edward Carruthers, 02-04-1980, of Decatur, to Raiko Mya Roussel, 11-15-1978, of Decatur

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