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Eva celebrates 50th anniversary

Published 12:21pm Monday, November 4, 2013

Brent Maze
Hartselle Enquirer 

Eva residents came out to Veterans Memorial Park Saturday to celebrate the golden anniversary of their hometown.

Eva Mayor Gary Livingston said the town has seen a number of changes from its early days.

“A group of people went around and asked residents if they would pay $25 to get water lines run to their homes,” Livingston said. “That’s how our town was formed. Since then, our town has come together to bring in natural gas to each home, provide sewer for our community and help provide services for our residents.”

During the ceremony, Livingston said the town first met in Eva High School or at the Texaco station “if something was going on at the school.” That was long before the town was able to build a town hall.

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