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Marker approved for Civil War site

Published 12:23pm Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A historic marker has been approved for the Woodall Bridge Civil War Skirmish site in Hartselle thanks to the help of Hartselle Historical Society, State Sen. Arthur Orr, R-Decatur, and Alabama Historic Association.

Society member Lee Y. Greene Jr. said he received a letter from Norwood A. Kerr, AHA Marker Committee member, Friday indicating approval of the marker and instructions to place in on order with Sewah Studios.

“Sen. Orr has secured funding for the $2,170 marker,” Greene pointed out, “and the foundry will cast and deliver it in about 14 weeks.”

A public dedication will be held after the marker is installed.

Greene was instrumental in researching Civil War records affirming that a skirmish involving affirming that a skirmish involving a Confederate brigade and a Union Cavalry unit fought at the site in 1864.

The market will contain the following inscription:

“On this site at 6 o’clock,Thursday, 7 April 1864, the leading detachment of Clanton’ Brigade, a combination of the 5th, 6th and 7th AL Cavalry units, under the command of CSA Brigadier General James Holt Clanton, fought with a Union Cavalry unit from the 15th and 16th U.S. Army Corps from the garrison at Decatur, AL They fought for control of the bridge as it was the primary land route from east to west in Morgan County, south of the Tennessee River. The Confederate troops needed the bridge to move across the county and defend their picket positions. On the evening of the 7th, the Confederates chased the Union cavalry back to Decatur. The two units fought on this site within 100 yards of each other in mounted combat. The Confederate strength was initially 40 men, with 210 in reserve and eventually engaged. While the Union forces were estimated at 350 men. CSA reports indicated that one horse was lost, and union losses were not documented. Clanton’s Brigade was headquartered in Danville, AL at the time. The next day, Friday, 8 April 1864, smaller cavalry units of both forces skirmished on this site again, with the same result, the Confederates giving chase towards the defenses of the Union garrison at Decatur.”

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