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Falkville adopts five ordinances

Published 2:07pm Thursday, December 5, 2013

Falkville Town Council adopted ordinances on the subjects of animal control, building codes, swimming pools, ambulance service and wrecker service at its regular monthly meeting Tuesday night.

Ordinance 2013-06 repeals a previously adopted ordinance and adds a section pertaining to reptiles. It prohibits the possession or keeping in town of any poisonous or venomous snake.

Ordinance 2013-07 repeals a previously adopted ordinance and updates standard codes regulating and controlling the construction of structures and real property within the town limits

Ordinance 2013-08 amends the zoning ordinance to make more specific provisions for the regulation of swimming and wading pools

Ordinance 2013-09 amends a previously adopted ordinance to provide that the Emergency Medical Services Committee shall have the authority to renew on an annual basis without council action the single provider ambulance operator license

Ordinance 2-13-10 establishes a rotation system for wrecker service dispatch by the Falkville Police Department, or other departments of the town when applicable. It also provides rules and regulations for wrecker services and defines violations and establishes penalties for violations.

Other agenda items were acted on as follows:

•Authorized the mayor to execute a contract with Local Government Services LLC for cable TV franchise management advisory services in the amount of $3,000, plus out of pocket expense not to exceed $500 unless mutually agree to by both parties and the expenses are known in advance

•Appointed three members to the Falkville Recreation board as follows: Timmeron Greenfield, one year; Jim Bryson, two years; and Charlynn Bryson, five years

•Approved a one-time pay adjustment for all town employees for $100 each effective December 2013.

•Approved changing the name of East Second Street to Grissom Way.

•Declared a Martin Yale paper shredder as surplus property.

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