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Commish hurt in farm mishap

Published 11:52am Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Morgan County District 4 Commissioner Greg Abercrombie is recovering from a farm accident in which he sustained three fractured bones in his back Nov. 29.

Abercrombie was injured while using a welding torch to cut the anchor post of a 24-ft.cattle gate in the family’s dairy barn. He was trapped underneath the 600 to 800-lb. gate when the post broke unexpectedly, and had to have the help of his wife, Carrie, to escape.

“I was fortunate she was there at the time,” Abercrombie said. “She had come to the barn to check on me and bring me a drink of water. She used a metal bar to lift the gate enough to allow me to free myself. ”

Abercrombie was examined at Madison Hospital and referred to a back specialist. An X-ray revealed three broken bones in the lower region of his back.

“I’m told two of the bones will heal on their own and the third may have to be repaired by surgery at some point in the future,” he stated. “I’m not supposed to lift anything during the next four to six weeks.”

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