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Infrastructure upgrades top Priceville’s ‘to do’ list in ‘14

Published 12:24pm Friday, December 27, 2013

Priceville’s elected officials are looking at infrastructure improvements as a priority in the New Year.

“We want to extend Marco Drive from Town Hall to River Road,” said Mayor Melvin Duran. “It’s a big project and may take a couple of years to complete but we’re anxious to get it started.”

He said the new road would open up more farm land for residential construction and expedite traffic flow to and from the new Priceville High School hen it opens in 2015.

Funding will come from city revenues.

The replacement of a bridge on Cave Springs Road is another infrastructure priority.

“The bridge is structurally sound but not wide enough for bus traffic going to and from Priceville Elementary School,” Duran pointed out. “We’ll do what we can to improve the turn radius right away and replace the bridge when school is not in session.”

Drainage improvements, road repairs and sewer line repairs are also on the “to do” list for 2014.

Duran said he is looking forward to the renovation of a 12,000-square-foot building on Bethel Road for a new library location.

“The building is sound but needs a lot of work inside to make it suitable for the town’s library,” Duran said. “We’re working with the library board and Friends of the Library to come up with a renovation plan. Hopefully, the project will be completed in 2014.”

Duran said he believes new home construction in 2013 increased Priceville’s population from 2,600 in 2010 to 3,000.

“While sales tax collections increased in 2013, we’re still working hard to make Priceville attractive to new retail businesses and are supportive of efforts to local new businesses and industries in the new Morgan Center Business Park,” Duran said.

“We have a positive outlook about the New Year,” he added. “We have a lot to offer our residents and we welcome other families to move here and make Priceville their home.”


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