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COLUMN: TD for the Lord

Published 1:54pm Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Most of us here in Alabama are caught up in the college football rivalry scene and enjoy the competition that takes place each Saturday. From the first weekend in September, until the first Monday after the New Year in January, college football is king. Thoughts of rooting for your team, wearing the team colors, picking at your friends who pull for the other team and many, many discussions about the season are part of life in this area of the country.

Now that the college football season is over, and it did not finish like I would have preferred, another thought came to mind while I was listening to one my favorite Southern gospel groups while working here at the office last Saturday.

The Hoppers, a group from North Carolina, who gained new fame while touring with the Gaither Homecoming series has a top hit “It’s Shoutin’ Time in Heaven,” with the following words in the chorus:

It’s shouting time in heaven

A sinner once lost is found

It’s shouting time in heaven

Salvation has been brought down

No wonder the angels rejoice to know

My sins have been covered by the crimson flow

And now I’m feeling fine

I’m walking on the highway with my Lord

My name is written down in courts above

It’s shouting time in heaven

Oh yes, it’s shouting time.

There has been talk in the media and especially social media about teams that seemed to have had divine intervention during the recent season. By listening to words in this song, it is apparent what is important is an event with eternal consequences. I do not think there is anything wrong with enjoying college football and even a good rivalry, but in the excitement of the game, I wonder how many more folks could be brought into the fold if we all got that excited over a new convert for the Lord.

It may be due to my early Pentecostal roots that brings this thought to mind. What if we reacted as if a touchdown had just occurred when a person steps out in faith and accepts salvation? What if the choir sang, the minister led the cheers and the congregation were on their feet in praise for this decision that will change this life for all eternity.

Now to some this may seem really far out and maybe even over dramatic but many times, myself included, sit in the pew week after week and fail to get excited over the game-changing decisions and plays that each of us carries out in our lives, which will follow us into eternity.

Randy Garrison is the president and publisher of the Hartselle Enquirer.

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