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District 3 shop moving to town

Published 1:26pm Thursday, January 16, 2014

The District #3 workshop and administrative office is in the process of relocating to a renovated building at 151 Buster Road in Falkville.

“It’s been slow in coming but we’re getting there,” said Commissioner Don Stisher. ”We’re now moving shop equipment and will be setting up new offices when our phones and electrical outlets for our computers are installed,” Stisher said. “We plan to be fully operational this month.

“We’ll keep our current phone number, 256-784-5476, Stisher pointed out. “The old location, 1694 Hwy. 55, will continue to serve as a voting precinct and a drop station for the county’s spring and fall cleanup projects. We’ll also continue to use it for storage of gravel and other supplies.

He said an open house would be held later.

Meeting in regular session Tuesday morning, the commission acted on agenda items as follows:

•Elccted District #4 Commissioner Greg Abercrombie to serve as vice chairman in 2014

•Authorized the payment of $1,200 from the Reappraisal Budget as a Professional Achievement Award for Josh Rains

•Recommended Belinda Ealey for the designation of Certified County Admin-istrator

•Authorized the chairman to advertise for bids for the publication of the 2014 voter’s list in a newspaper of general circulation in Morgan County

•Approved a mileage reimbursement of 56 cents per mile, effective Jan. 14, 2014, per State of Alabama Department of Finance

•Approved $140 to the Hartselle High School softball program from the Tourism, Recreation & Convention Fund

•Approved a leave without pay request from Sharon Maxwell, effective Feb. 1, 2014, throughout the time of final election results, on the recommendation of Commissioner of Licenses Sue Baker Roan

•Adopted a maximum speed limit of 30 mph on NW Aday Road in District 1.

•Adopted a maximum speed limit of 40 mph on Copper Springs Road in District 3.

•Authorized Ricky Brooks, director of Environmental Services, to purchase a new automated sanitation truck from NJPA Awarded Contracts for $199,946.59

•Appointed Debra Bryant to a six-year term and Dr. Kinney Copeland to a three-year term, respectively, on the Decatur Morgan Hospital Board

•Appointed Hillard Long to a five-year term on the Regional Housing Authority Board, effective beginning Jan. 14, 2014

•Authorized the chairman to advertise for bids for fencing ball field No. 1 at Brindlee Mountain Park.

•Approved payment of $52,260 to New World Systems for financial management and human resources software for the period Feb. 1, 2014, through Jan. 31, 2015.

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