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LETTER: Journey to Heaven

Published 12:01pm Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Dear Editor,

May I enter into the Hartselle Enquirer my God-given poetic thoughts, thank you all for our local newspaper!

“Sphere of Influence”

Share your Faith; God’s word will influence others!

In the kingdom of God, we are all Christian sisters and brothers

Are we giving or taking away, building or tearing down?

Christ Jesus on Calvary’s cross, God’s mercy and grace abounds

Lean not on our own understanding, but on God’s providential care

Jesus in Garden of Gethsemane, our sin-debt to bear.

God does His work in worst situations, his love and power to show

Presenting our bodies a living sacrifice, for His use, you know.

Walking in the fruit of His spirit, our stumbling in the works of our flesh.

Come drink of His living waters, Jesus, Bread of Life will refresh.

God declares we are made in His image, justified, through Christ our Lord.

Sanctified through His holy blood, fortified through His spirit and sword.

Our struggles confirm, we are on our journey to Heaven

God’s power equips us on our way, think of bread without leaven

To change ones self is evident, but no one can change the past

But forgiveness is offered through Jesus, Godly sorrow, repentance at last.

Confronting and crucifying the flesh is comforting to our spirit and soul.

Jesus’ words from His cross, “It is finished,” plan of salvation, Heaven’s roll.

Now, is the time to take warning, Jesus will be coming for His own.

Don’t sell your soul in sinful living, Eternity will be seeds you have sown.

We are choosing up sides, Heaven or hell, the choice is yours and mine

God won’t touch our will, Satan can’t, the choice is yours and mine.

Rejoicing in the presence of holy Angels, when one sinner repents

Add your name to Heaven’s roll, your invitation from God now sent.

No one can reply to your invitation, from your creator God!

We are all wrapped in our own skins, Jesus our friend and god.

Don’t procrastinate or reject salvation, purchased on Calvary’s cross

Open our mailbox of love letters, your Bible, not a coin toss.

Now! Read God’s word, our Bible daily and present ourselves to Him

A living sacrifice, wholly and acceptable, to Him our Savior, our friend.

By Grace, I am a child of God

Laverne V. Byrd


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