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Voting precinct changes approved by commission

Published 1:50pm Friday, January 31, 2014

Some Morgan County voters will be going to a different location to cast their ballots in the upcoming June 3 primary election and the Nov. 4 general election.

Twelve voting precinct changes were approved by the Morgan County Commission at its regular meeting on Jan. 28.

They are listed as follows:

• Precinct 3-2, West Decatur Elementary will merge with Precinct 3-3, Aquadome Recreation Center.

• Precinct 305, Somerville Road Elementary School will merge with 3-4, Fort Decatur.

• Precinct 3-13, Morgan County Department of Human Resources will merge with Oak Park Baptist Church.

• Precinct 3-14, St. Andrews Church and Precinct 3-16, Cedar Ridge Middle School will move to Austinville Church of Christ, which will be known as Precinct 3-14.

• Precinct 3-17, Decatur Fire and Rescue Flint (city box only) will merge with Precinct 3-9, American Legion Post 15.

• Precinct 4-2, Oak Park Middle School will move to Oak Park Baptist Church.

• Precinct 7-1, Cotaco School will move to Cotaco Fire Station.

• Precinct 8-1, Lacey’s Spring School will move to Bethlehem Baptist Church

• Precinct 9-1, Union Hill Junior High School will move to the Union Hill Senior Center.

• Precinct 10-1, Ryan Baptist Church will move to the Tri-County Volunteer Fire Department.

• Precinct 24-1, Brewer High School will move to Florette Volunteer Fire Department.

A small group of voters was accidentally moved by the city of Decatur from West Decatur Elementary School to Carrie Matthews Recreation center are being moved back to West Decatur Elementary School, which in tur

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