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ALDOT adjusts downtown lights

Published 12:57pm Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Alabama Department of Transportation has adjusted the timing on four traffic signals in downtown Hartselle to help improve traffic flow.

Jeff Johnson, director of the Hartselle Department of Development, said state transportation engineers adjusted the traffic lights on Main Street at Sparkman and Hickory streets. They also adjusted the signals on Sparkman Street at Chestnut and Hickory streets.

So far, Mayor Don Hall sees an improvement.

“If you hit it just right, you can go from City Hall on Sparkman Street through the three traffic lights without stopping,” Hall said. “You can also get through both lights in downtown if you’re not too many cars back from the traffic light. I think it’s definitely helping the situation.”

Johnson said the timing on the signals will get off for various reasons and will need to be re-adjusted after a while.

However, he said he hopes this isn’t the final stage of the process.

ALDOT put counters at intersections on side streets “to confirm their numbers from the last time.” Johnson hopes this will lead to tying all four traffic lights on one timing system.

“We’re hoping that all four lights will be controlled by one timer that includes pre-emptions for when the railroad crossing signals are activated,” Johnson said. “There will be one traffic pattern for normal traffic and another when the crossbars are down.”

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