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A man of honor

Published 8:42pm Wednesday, March 5, 2014

While attending the funeral of Hartselle native and favorite son Tommy Ed Roberts this week, the word “honor” was used during the funeral service. After word spread of his passing, this word was also mentioned several times during conversations with several other folks, as the mention of his death was brought up. Even on social media, the phrase “served with honor” was included in words used to describe this gentleman.

The word honor in these instances would be used as a noun defined as honesty, fairness and integrity in one’s beliefs and actions.

Most who knew Tommy Ed could easily see how this would be applied to him. From those who knew him at a younger age and saw the retail side of his life, to those who worked with him in economic development and those who served with him in the state legislature, all could apply this term to the way he lived, worked and enjoyed life.

The term honor is one that is not always easy to bestow on an individual. If one is involved in politics, to be known as an honorable man is a feat that might be considered by many, to not be easily accomplished. But from reading and hearing quotes from those who served and worked with him and sought his counsel, he earned the title of serving honorably. To have this type of character is something that cannot be taken from an individual; they have worked hard and lived their life in a manner that is beyond reproach.

In the Old Testament of the Holy Bible one of the 10 commandants well known to many is to “Honor your father and mother.” While some hold that the context of these words commands each of us to follow the instructions of our parents there also is a slightly different interpretation that can also be applied.

During Old Testament times, many had very few personal items and were very poor. One valuable thing that many had and something that was to be held in high esteem was the family name. In fact, in reading many verses in the Bible you will notice how someone is described as the “son of …”. Thus, in honoring your parents you should strive to conduct your life in a way that keeps the family name in high regard.

Tommy Ed definitely fit this bill; he worked and lived his life in a way that brought honor to his parents, siblings, his wife, children, grandchildren, friends, his church, hometown and this state. He set a standard by which many of us should strive to reach, and one that many will never attain. Our community and state are a better place because of this man.


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