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Remington incentives approved

Published 11:57am Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Morgan County Commission voted unanimously to pledge $1 million for the location of Remington Outdoor Company to Huntsville at a regular meeting on Tuesday.

The action was taken following a public hearing during which Shane Davis, director of urban development spoke in favor of the regional industrial development project. No one else spoke at the hearing.

Davis reported that Remington plans to hire up to 2,000 workers within a 10-year period. The first 250 employees are expected to start up the manufacturing plant in the first quarter of 2015.

He also noted that 46 percent of the company’s employees would come from Morgan and Limestone Counties.

Morgan County’s $1 million investment in the project is being matched by contributions from Limestone County.

“You’re well protected in the investment,” said Davis. “If Remington should fail to meet its commitment to hire at least 500 full time workers during the first five years of operation the property will be sold and your investment will be refunded.”

“Remington has been around a long time,” Commission Chairman Ray Long stated. “If we can trust anyone to keep their word, we can trust them.”

Morgan County is obligated to make a $200,000 payment on it investment April 15 and $200,000 for each of the next four years, payable on Jan. 1.

The commission acted on other matters as follows:

•Authorized the chairman to execute an agreement with Tennessee Valley Authority to conduct litter removal on TVA lands for the sum of $5,000 .

•Authorized the chairman to advertise for bids to furnish laundry and dry cleaning services for the Morgan County Sheriff’s office, license inspector and recycling officer.

•Authorized the chairman to execute an agreement with TTL for geotechnical services for the Morgan County Jail Annex.

•Reappointed Ginny Owens, Joel Gilliam and Winnie Tepper to the Morgan County Department of Human Resources Board for six years each.

•Authorized the chairman to execute a 60-month lease agreement as follows: Ed Smith Office Machines for a new MBM folding machine for $66.24 per month and Berney Office Solutions for a new copier for $151.35 per month for the offices of District Attorney Scott Anderson.

•Authorized Michelle Echols, sales tax director, to fill the position of data entry clerk, grade 1 ($9.97 – $13.01).

•Approved a $621.66 sales tax refund request submitted by Total Hose/Independent Tube Corporation, paid in error.

•Approve payment of checks issued in February totaling $6,154,651.02.

•Approved payment of $8,144 to S.S. Nesbitt & Company for final auto audit billing for Oct. 1, 2012 – Oct. 1, 2013.

•Approved payment of $5,890 to Harris, Caddell & Shanks PC for legal services performed in February.

•Approved payment of $885 to Larry W. Madison PC for legal services provided for the Personnel Review Board in the A. Hundley matter.

•Awarded a certificate to subdivide property for Howard C. and Aleshia R. Roberson on Mt. Zion Road in District 3.

•Approved payments from the Tourism, Recreation & Convention Fund as follows: $2,500 for the Decatur/Morgan County Convention & Visitors Bureau (fish fry) and $3,000 for the Decatur/Morgan County Farmers Market.

•Authorized Randy Vest, District 2 Commissioner, to fill the position of groundskeeper at West Park, grade 4 ($12.40 – $16.19).

•Authorized the chairman to execute a letter of support for continued support of the Morgan County Community Corrections Program.

•Authorized District 1 Commissioner Jeff Clark to donate to the Banks Caddell Elementary Music Department for assistance on equipment needs.

•Approved payment of $23,800 to Volkert Inc. for the Kirby Bridge and Vaughn Bridge replacement projects.

Approved payment of $16,111 to Volkert, Inc. for program management services on the Morgan County Jail Annex project.

Rescheduled the regular Tues., March 25 meeting to Thur., March 27.

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