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Bethel Baptist school honor roll

Published 9:20am Thursday, April 3, 2014

Bethel Baptist School

has recognized its “A” and

“A-B” honor students for

the third nine weeks grading

period as follows:

First grade

A– Lauren Chesser,

Amelia Fagerman and

Charlie Jacobs. A/B –

Braxton Glenn

Second grade

A– Brea Boucher, Bradin

Dupper, Jesse Fagerman,

Morgan Green, Atif

Momin, Susanna Nave

and Daniel Ruhl. A/B–

Rusty Casper and Joshua


Third grade

A– Paxtin Dupper, Emily

Green, Eli Moore, Katelyn

Murray and Anna Grace

Trotter. A/B– Jacob

Stephenson, Jordan Long

and Lorelei Smith

Fourth grade

A/B – Chloe Smith.

Sixth grade

A/B – Jasmine Ingram

Seventh grade

A – Caleb Lawrence.

A/B – Justin Creese

Eighth grade

A –Trentin Dupper

Ninth grade

A – Spencer Fortenberry.

A/B – Ty Ward

Tenth grade

A/B– Charlotte Matthews

and Kelly Thrasher

Eleventh grade

A/B– Isaac Bunner and

Morgan Starrett.

Twelfth grade

A/B – Cassie Bunner,

Clint Chisgar, Will

Matthews and Cole


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