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Vandals damage E.A.R.T.H. Park

Published 9:49am Thursday, April 3, 2014

E.A.R.T.H. Park looked like it

had been struck by a tornado

on Monday when Carolyn

Wallace, executive director of

Hartselle Beautification

Association, stopped by to

check on its condition.

Planters were overturned,

parts from the gazebo’s electrical

outlets were scattered on

the floor and park signs were

ripped from their posts and

scattered on the ground.

“I’m sick and I’m mad,”

Wallace said. “We worked

hard last week to get everything

ready for a gazebo wedding,

and you can see how we

got rewarded for our work.

“It’s the work of vandals and it

must’ve happened sometime

over the weekend. Everything

was in good shape when the

grounds were mowed Friday


Hartselle police sergeant

James Holladay surveyed the

damage and indicated he

would turn the incident over to

the investigation division.

This is not the first time the

park has been vandalized,”

Wallace pointed out. “We’ve

had park benches and picnic

tables damaged, light posts

destroyed and bricks from the

walking path thrown in the

wetland ponds and Shorts


“I’m posting a reward for the

capture and conviction of the

person or persons responsible,”

she said, “and we’re going to

implement 24-hour camera

surveillance. This has got to

stop. It’s too expensive to

replace property

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