Bow Tie sniffs for dog bones with encouragement from his owner, Koen Davenport.
Bow Tie sniffs for dog bones with encouragement from his owner, Koen Davenport.

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Dog Bone Hunt

Published 4:27pm Tuesday, April 15, 2014

You could tell it was going to be a day to remember when the first dogs arrived at the main pavilion in Sparkman Park for Hartselle’s annual Dog Bone Hunt.

Their noses were in the air and they were straining at their leashes to get a closer look. No sir! They weren’t reacting to the trails left by a fleeing rabbit or squirrel or the aroma of hamburgers cooking on their master’s barbecue grill. The aroma they were sniffing came from Ol’ Roy’s doggie treats, hundred of them scattered over an area half as large as a football field.

They could barely wait to grab a bone and crush it with their teeth, and gather a bagful to take home.

“Hold everything,” said Staci McCormick, Park & Rec’s program director. “We have a delicious surprise for you today. “I direct your attention to the south end of the pavilion where refreshments have been set up by our friend Jenny Stephenson, owner of Jenny’s Boarding Kennel and Doggie Day Care.

“Also, Mr. Easter Bunny is arriving as I speak,” she added. “He is available to pose with your pets for a photograph. Please give both a big hand and help yourselves to Jenny’s refreshments.”

Angel danced in her red dress and begged for attention as her owner, Emma Phillips, sipped on a cup of punch, Gypsy, a border collie, gazed with big eyes and whined at Susie Burgess as she sat and nibbled on a miniature muffin. Sandy, a yellow lab, tried with all her strength to break away from the arms of her owner, Sharon Oddi, while her picture was being taken with the Easter Bunny.

After a half hour, the call came for dog bone hunting and the race was on.

It was all over in 10 minutes. More that 50 canines of all sizes and breeds had consumed enough treats to last a week and their owners carried home bags filled with leftovers.

In addition, Angel was recognized as the “Best Dressed Dog”; Gypsy, “Most Bones”; Dottie, “Smallest” and Hoss, ”Biggest.”

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