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FHS wins county meet

Published 3:24pm Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Falkville High School’s track and field team walked away with championship honors in both boy’s and girl’s divisions at the Morgan County Track Meet at South Park in Falkville on April 8.

In the boy’s division, Falkville came out on top in team rankings with 213 points while Danville came in second with 85 points and Brewer placed third with 41 points.

The Lady Blue Devils finished in first place with 142 points compared to 69 for second place Danville. Brewer was third with 54 points.

Most Valuable Player honors went to Amber Eddy of Falkville in the girl’s division with 32 points and Falkville’s Dallas McAbee, Aaron Estes and Ryan Sullivan in the boy’s division with 30 points each.

Athletes from Falkville, Danville, Brewer, Priceville and West Morgan competed in the event.

Individual winners are listed as follows:

Boys Division

100m dash – Dallas McAbee, Falkville, first, 11:86; Aaron Estes, Falkville, second, 11:89; and Blake Borden, Brewer, third, 12:24

200m dash – Dallas McAbee, Falkville, first, 24:20; Ryan Sullivan, Falkville, second, 25:76; and Bryan White, Falkville, third, 26:07

400m dash – Aaron Estes, Falkville, first, 55:04; Alex Tuttle, Falkville, second, 56:88; and Bryan White, Falkville, third, 57:95

110m hurdles – Dallas McAbee, Falkville, first, 16:96; Austin Wilhite, Falkville, second, 16:99; and Travis Cole, Falkville, third, 17:76

300m hurdles – Ryan Sullivan, Falkville, first, 43:19; Travis Cole, Falkville, second, 43L42; and Austin Wilhite, Falkville, third, 45:83

800m run – Cade Wilemon, Falkville, first, 2:13.62; Tyler Johnson, Priceville, second, 2:16.38; and Matthew Pillow, Brewer, third, 2:20.70

1600m run – Tyler Johnson, Priceville, first, 5:01.13; Brian Bradford, Falkville, second, 5:04.25; and Cade Wilemon, Falkville, third, 5:07.55;

3200m run – Drake Hamilton, Falkville, first, 11:28.37; Jose Mesa, Falkville, second, 11:36.02’ and Brian Bradford, Falkville, third, 11:41.28

High jump – Zachary Brown, Brewer, first, 6-00; Bram Miller, Falkville, second, 5-10; and DJ Batts, Priceville, third, 5-06

Pole vault – Ryan Sullivan, Falkville, first, 9-06; Clay Kyle, Falkville, second, 10-06; and William Littrell, Falkville, third, 10-06

Long jump – DJ Batts, Danville, first, 18-07; Bram Miller, Falkville, second, 17-09; Slater Robinson, Danville, third. 17-05; and Zachary Brown, Brewer, third, 17-05

Triple jump – Bram Miller, Falkville, first, 36:-06.50; DJ Batts, Danville, second, 37:00; and Slater Robinson, Danville, third, 35:00

Discus throw – Canaan Smith, Falkville, first, 106-05; Lucas Johnson, Falkville, second, 104-04; an Daniel Lockhart, Falkville, third, 103-03

Javelin throw – Canaan Smith, Falkville, first, 164-07; Slater Robinson, Danville, second, 144-00; and Daniel Lockhart, Falkville, third, 142-08

Shot put- Canaan Smith, Falkville, first, 41-06; Tyler Chavers, Brewer, second, 37-05; and Tylor Roy, Falkville, third, 37-00.25

Girls Division

100m dash – Katie Evans, Falkville, first, 13.83; Destini Young, West Morgan, second, 13.84; and Ceanna Robinson, Brewer, third, 14-62

200m dash – Destini Young, West Morgan, first, 30.43; Ceanna Robinson, Brewer, second, 31.07; and Kari Watts, Falkville, third, 31.28

400m dash – Kari Watts, Falkville, first, 1:06.90; Patricia Kilgore, Falkville. Second, 1:08.83; and Peyton Bittle, Brewer, third, 1:15.55

1600m run – Patricia Kilgore, Falkville, first, 5:53.86; Trina Badger, Brewer, second, 5:55.46; and Rebecca Shadden, Falkville, third, 6:30.19

3200m run – Trina Badger, Brewer, first, 14:10; Rebecca Shadden, Falkville, second, 15:18; and Casey Barfield, third, 15:19

100m hurdles – Kaitee Henderson, Danville, first, 55:30; Shelby Ziegler, Danville 1:02.50; and Alyssa Helmick, Priceville, third, 1:10.11

800m run – Trina Badger, Brewer, first, 2:44.74; Rebecca Shadden, Falkville, second, 2:52.00; and Kari Watts, Falkville, third, 2:55.21

High jump – Autumn Eddy, Falkville, first, 4-10; Kaitee Henderson, Danville, second, 4-08; and Embar Dutton, Brewer, 5-06

Pole vault – River Gutherie, Falkville, first

Long jump – Autumn Eddy, Falkville, first, 15-17.50; Katie Evans, Falkville, second, 13-11.50; and Embar Dutton, Brewer, third, 13-02.50

Javelin throw – Autumn Eddy, Falkville, first, 113-00; Baylee Lockhart, Falkville, second, 89-00; and Sarah Fuller, Priceville, third, 71-00

Shot put – Baylee Lockhart, Falkville, first, 26-05; Aryn Jackson, Falkville, second, 24:00.50; and Abigail Badger, Brewer, third, 20:01.50

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