Morgan County Marriage Licenses for May 14

Published 9:18am Thursday, May 15, 2014

•Keith Oneal Bates, 09-20-1976, of Decatur to Amanda Gail Allison, 01-21-1984, of Decatur

•Mark Franklin Morrow, 03-09-1969, of Somerville to Carolyn Olivia Borden, 12-10-1976, of Somerville

•John Derrick Teague, 04-05-1986, of Hartselle to Misty Dawn Bradford, 08-24-1974, of Hartselle

•Christopher Daniel Young, 08-14-1984, of Cullman to Jennifer Lee Oryan, 12-02-1988, of Cullman

•Tommy Cecil Crear, 03-24-1963, of Decatur to Linorise Lin Thatch, 02-26-1957, of Decatur

•Jacob Lynn Anderson, 02-22-1980, of Decatur to Rebecca Renee Morgan, 12-06-1978, of Decatur

•James Ronald Strong, 02-20-1970, of Kalamazoo, Mich. to Tabatha Jean Truax, 02-25-1979, of Kalamazoo, Mich.

• Dustin Michael Marshall, 07-11-1990, of Auburn to Mary Grace Propst, 07-20-1990, of Decatur

•Clay Wilson Carter, 05-31-1982, of Hartselle to Khrystal Starr Smith, 07-16-1985, of Hartselle

•Mario Pascual Agustin, 10-02-1989, of Decatur to Dorgas Sebastian Tomas, 08-07-1992, of Decatur

•Charles Jason Akers, 11-30-1973, of Hartselle to Catherine Elizabeth Mallon, 01-22-1981, of Hartselle

•Eric Lee Johnson, 09-23-1983, of Lacey’s Spring to Megan Dawn Thompson, 03-22-1985, of Union Grove

•Jonathan Oneal Berry, 03-13-1980, of Decatur to Kristie Diane Marchand, 12-28-1982, of Decatur

•Darren J. Rice, 08-16-1968, of Decatur to Rebecca Ann Gibson, 01-18-1967, of Decatur

•Kenneth Scott Throne-berry, 01-11-1992, of Decatur to Crystal Dawn Casteel, 05-23-1979, of Moulton

•Gregory Alan Vernor, 07-15-1990, of Decatur to Kara Christina Santana, 12-13-1991, of Decatur

•Adam Lane Walden, 10-05-1982, of Decatur to Amy Cheryl Chittam, 12-17-1982, of Decatur

•Enrica Andray Pickett, 06-08-1966, of Decatur to Bonita Denise Collier, 10-08-1962, of Decatur


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