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Varwig’s jump

Published 12:28pm Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Crestline principal makes good promise to students

Crestline Elementary School principal Robin Varwig floated through the sky like a majestic bird on Monday morning while delivering on a promise she made to her faculty and students a few weeks earlier.

Her parachute jump was executed with the precision of an experience skydiver, gracefully gliding over a 100-yard expanse of the school playground and landing about 50 yards from the assembled student body..

She landed within easy reach of two sky driver who preceded he r jump and sat down briefly while they helped removed her parachute. Then, responding to the cheers of her students, she raised her arms and shouted back to them:”I did it!”

Varwig had promised he students if they raised $5,000 for the Hartselle Relay for Life she would take a cream pie in the faced from every kid that met an individual donation goal. In addition, she told them she would parachute jump for the first time from an airplane.

The students exceeded the goal by $2,000 and 130 of them qualified as a pie thrower. While the pie throwing took place last week, windy conditions delayed her parachute jump.

“It was an incredible rush falling through the sky,” she said when asked how she felt when she jumped. “But sitting on the edge of the plane with my legs dangling in the air made me a little nervous.”

“We did this together,” she told her students. “It’s not about what I did but what you did to help raise money for Relay for Life.”

Varwig gave credit to Paul Russo of Skydivers Alabama for preparing her to make the jump.

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