Morgan County Marriage Licenses for May 21

Published 2:49pm Friday, May 23, 2014

•Michael Thomas Deliberali, 06-10-1955, of Falkville to Kelly Marie Odell, 01-09-1975, of Falkville

•John Allen Franks, 03-19-1940, Harvest to Margaret Ann Solway, 02-19-1944, of Decatur

•Todd Allen Bennich, 04-20-1976, of Hartselle to Whitney Elane Smith, 08-20-1980

•Steven Keith Prater, 07-01-1985, of Hartselle to Jennifer Lizabeth Hardin, 01-02-1984, of Hartselle

•Cassidy Chase Bennett, 02-14-1994, of Hartselle to Lora Michelle Riznyk, 04-21-1994, of Hartselle

•Manuel Garcia, 09-11-1958, of Huntsville to Nubia Gisela Gordon, 07-09-1963, of Huntsville

•Jose Munoz-Munoz, 11-22-1987, of Decatur to Sofia Rivera-Aguilera, 08-13-1992, of Decatur

•Darryl Lynn Sanford, 12-16-1964, of Decatur to Teresa Ann Lawrimore, 01-28-1969, of Hartselle

•Robert Eric Summerford, 07-12-1993, of Hartselle to Allyson Denise Henson, 04-26-1994, of Hartselle

•Michael Paul Power, 06-30-1949, of Hartselle to Judith Ellen Parsons, 11-04-1943, of Hartselle

•David Monroe Clemons, 01-07-1975, of Trinity to Elana Denise Powers, 08-08-1979, of Decatur

• Arren Jacob Matthews, 02-04-1991, of Decatur to Catherine Alice John, 01-26-1991, of Decatur

• Mitchel Jarred Walkley, 02-02-1990, of Lacey’s Spring to Adrianna Nicole Nevarez, 08-03-1992, of Lacey’s Spring

•Jakob Keith McCay, 11-14-1988, of Hartselle to Natalie Louise Fagerman, 05-03-1989, of Hartselle

•Milan Louis Fortner, 04-30-1969, of Joppa to Mandi Lee Madoche, 02-09-1975, of Joppa

•Paul Herbert Wilmoth, 11-23-1950, of Decatur to Rosa Elena Garcia, 03-01-1961, of Decatur

• Reaford Buron Williams, 06-22-1989, of Danville to Mary Carol Coleman 05-17-1988, of Hartselle

•Cody Allen Daniel, 02-12-1986, of Hartselle to Tara Quattlebaum, 08-12-1975, of Hartselle

•Michael Alan Ladner, 12-11-1962, of Decatur to Johnna Ann Bowling, 02-07-1966, of Lacey’s Spring

•Stuart Kelley Hamlin, 09-22-1975, of Decatur to Carie Melissa Cole, 03-20-1974, of Decatur

•Richard Carter Howard, 09-30-1964, of Decatur to Gina Ann Thompson, 01-16-1967, of Decatur

•Nicholas Jordan Holt, 01-05-1995, of Decatur to Hannah Marie Amos, 10-03-1994, of Decatur



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