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New Center celebrates homecoming

Published 1:35pm Tuesday, June 3, 2014

We live in a world where if we aren’t satisfied with our appearance we can change it. Want blonde hair, dye it, don’t have fingernails, buy a pack and glue them on, over weight, shrink the size of your stomach. We work really hard at making ourselves look good. According to Matthew 23:26 we must first work on the inside. God values a pure heart and a clean mind. When we are clean on the inside the outside will take care of itself.

Homecoming and Decoration Day services were observed at New Center Baptist Church Sun., May 18. The following is in memory of our friends and loved ones of the church family, community and family members since the last homecoming day May 19, 2013:

May 2013: Verdie Adamson, Bobby Wiley, Ralph Blankenship, Donnie Graham;

June 2013: Irene Nuby, Christine Pendley, Keith Barber, Frank Bray, Rodney Owens, Gabriel Dempsey, Frances S. Whitten;

July 2013: Hugh Cate, Joy Dunn, Glen Higginbotham, Donna Minor Butler, Royce Graham, Joe Tumminello, Cody Goodwin, Ann Whiten. Louise Higdon;

August 2013: Betty Daniels, Donna Oaks, Maken Tape, Arnold Terry, Norris Wilson, Louise Callahan, J. T. Royster, Johnny Howard;

September 2013: Geraldine Keaton, Lucille Moon, Venia Campbell-Craig, Max Brown, Ray Stinson, Lewis Maples, Ben Chandler, Chad Keith, Lisa Murphy, Georgia Elna Graham, Roy McCurry, Marissa Baughter and her unborn son;

October 2013: Kent Hollingsworth, Vounda Phillips, John Vest, Jantzen Frazier, Ralph Behel, Dean Mitchell, Augustea Bolden;

November 2013: Ben Johnson, Martha Gail Turney, Betty Johnson, Boyd Stringer, Sabrina Elswick Thomas, Tracey Maxwell, Penny Smallwood Hazel, Joseph Riley;

December 2013: Curtis Nuby, Tiffany Pettus, Lonnie Dunn, Ann Wilborn, Linda Lanier, Earl “Buddy’ Vaughn;

January 2014: O’Neal Terry, Deidra Mitchell, Baby Andrew (Andy) James McNutt, Burtis Terry, Diane Clark, Carolyn McNutt, Mary Posey, Nolan Dorning, Jimmy Price Jr.;

February 2014: Wanda Roberts, Jerry Randolph, BVetty Knighten, Ernest Mitchell, Carrell Livingston, Jim Shea, Dustin Waites, Billy Cassidy, Virgil Theodore Fleischamel;

March 2014: Tommy Ed Roberts, David Barnes, Margaret Halbrooks, Alice Posey, Jacob Holladay, Steven Jackson, Glenn Free, Clayton Clemons, Rev. Bobby SMITH, Charles Henderson;

April 2014: Helen Segars Parker, Bobby Bean, Hubert Nix, Christine Dean, Johnny Wilburn Self, Mark Haywood, Truman Screws;

May 2014: Max King, Arlene Maze Hopper, Clois Driver, Louise Johnson, Marie Lynch Ward, David Sells, Micah Brown, Milldrid Lanning;

Christian love and sympathy is extended to Marshell Carlson and Jerry Creel in the loss of their aunt, Louise Johnson.

Christian love and sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Marie Lynch Ward, David Sells, Micah Brown and Milldrid Lanning (Matt Taylor’s great-grandmother).

Happy birthday wishes go out this week to Brendon Shadden and Matt Legg, both on May 22, Jim Roberts, Kris Speegle, Mike Carlock and Zaine Suggs, all on May 23, Callie Rae Childers, on May 24, Sandra Boyd and Jane Swearengin, both on May 26, Mickey Brown on May 27, Patti Brown and Sherry Wells, both on May 28, Branda Bloodworth, Tucker Robinson, Olivia Russell, Sarah Synder, Zack West, Zoe West, Elizabeth Blankenship and Tammie Gulley, all on May 29, Clint Chisgar and Vivian Bracken, both on May 30 and Wray Elliott, Stan Keifer, Bryor Hatfield, Rachel Tucker and Jim Barr, all on May 31.

Happy anniversary wishes to J.R. and Janice Roberson on May 24, Vic and Vona Keeling on May 27, Dewayne and Sandra Holmes on May 29 and Nathan and Javon Alldredge on May 31.

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