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Why steal from a soldier?

Published 5:59pm Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Dear Editor,

These days and times I am not surprised by much that happens. However, in late May, I overheard and became a participant in a troublesome conversation.

I had stopped at the Shell station at the interstate. Standing in line was a young lady dressed in full Army fatigues. As I passed by, I thanked her for her service and she thanked me for honoring her.

She began talking to the clerk and said that her cell phone was also stolen. They had come back to see if it might be there, but it was not.

This lady could have had any career she wanted, but she chose to serve and protect her country.

Thieves are rampant in all cities, countries – everywhere.

It makes me so irritated to think Hartselle has a thief that steals from a servicewoman.

This lady has devoted years of her life to serve and protect the country we live in. She has sworn to protect every one of us, even the thief that stole from her.

I just cannot grasp the way some people think and act.

Lisa Leeth


cousin of SSG. Travis L. Nelson, killed in action Dec. 10, 2005, in Afghanistan


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