This marijuana was found at a residence after a tree fell on power lines. | Courtesy of the Morgan County Sheriff's Department
This marijuana was found at a residence after a tree fell on power lines. | Courtesy of the Morgan County Sheriff's Department

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Marijuana found after tree falls on power lines

Published 5:52pm Friday, June 6, 2014

A Morgan County woman is in jail after marijuana was discovered while investigating downed tree on power lines in southwest Morgan County Friday.

Naomi Gillilan
Naomi Gillilan

Naomi Gillilan, 35, of 196 Bertha Road was arrested and charged with unlawful possession of marijuana in the 1st degree. She was taken to the Morgan County Jail without incident.

According to a press release from Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin, the Morgan County Drug Task Force went to Gillian’s address in southwest Morgan County after a caller it was reported that marijuana were being grown in pots on the property.

The plants were discovered after a report of a fallen tree on power lines behind residence had been made.

Agents arrived at the residence and located five marijuana plants growing in pots, ranging in height from 12 to 18 inches tall. The street value of the marijuana was about $25,000.

A search warrant was obtained and authorities located numerous marijuana seeds and drug paraphernalia items such as digital scales and rolling papers in the residence.

Gillilan, who later arrived at the residence, was renting the mobile home.

Agents are also looking to question Gabreil Gillilan, the estranged husband of Naomi Gillilan, to complete their investigation.


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