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Johnson: Pool leak isn’t 12 inches per day

Published 11:31am Thursday, June 26, 2014

Department of Development Director Jeff Johnson said he doesn’t believe there is a 12-inch per day leak in the pool.

After studying water bills from Hartselle Utilities and his own 10-day study of the water meters, he said he is “99.5 percent sure that there isn’t a 12-inch per day leak.”

His estimates determined that the water bill would be more than $6,000 just on filling the pool. Currently, the water bill is only $3,500 for the entire aquatic center.

However, Park and Recreation director Frank Miller said water is still draining off of the layout area in the pool, which is supposed to stay below 12 inches of water.

“I know the diamond brite cannot be exposed to direct sunlight,” Miller said. “It has to stay underwater, but that water is going somewhere.”

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