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Published 10:55am Thursday, June 26, 2014

This week, we have been helping our oldest son Jordan move forward into a new chapter of his life.

After graduating from pharmacy school in May and passing both of his board exams, he has accepted a residency in Shreveport, La. He will be working for University Health center.

We have been busy for the last few days helping him to get set up in a new apartment and all that goes along with that. It has been fun and we have had a lot of laughs, usually at my expense, but someone has to play that part.

The humidity has been rough here. It is hard to believe it could be more humid than North Alabama. I noticed my age when we moved a full-size sofa down a set of long stairs, but we both survived with no chest pains for me.

I think I will wait a few days before I look at the credit card bills. Lynn has definitely enhanced the economy of Shreveport during our stay here. I think she might possibly be “shopper of the week” at Wal-Mart and Target, but it is all worth every penny to help Jordan start this new part of his life here.

Both of our sons always seem grateful for what has been done for them and that makes helping out much more gratifying for both his mother and me. Neither Jordan nor Jacob ever seemed to expect or ask for extravagant items or feel they were entitled to the best of everything. Thus, being able to do things for them seems so much easier.

As one moves into each new chapter of his or her book of life, each page brings new challenges and new opportunities to grow, learn and be a better person. This chapter of Jordan’s life signals the beginning of his adult life.

Even after being in school for seven years and even working along the way, these new pages are going to be on him. He signed the lease on an apartment that he found himself, set up utilities and ordered cable and Internet all with his credit information and signature.

This new chapter will be full of excitement, new experiences and the fulfillment of what he has worked very hard for over the past few years. He is going to be successful because he has the drive and the desire to do so. I know he is blessed and highly favored and many folks are praying for his success.

So Jordan, as you put the ink on these new pages, know that you are loved by not only your Mom, Jacob and I, but also by many, many others and we are very proud of you.

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