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County seeks AG opinion on state bid law

Published 11:26am Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Morgan County Commission wants to consider a proposed contract for inmate telephone service at the Morgan County Jail but isn’t sure if it can be done under the current state bid law.

To clarify the issue, the commission authorized Commission Chairman Ray Long, and the county attorney, or either of them, to request an additional opinion from the Alabama Attorney General’s Office at its regular meeting on Tuesday.

“We’ve had the current provider for a number of years and its time to either renew the contract or put the service out for bids,” Long said. “We need the AG’s help to determine if can legally award a contract for the service based on proposals, or need to put it out for bids.”

The Commission welcomed James B. Fields Jr. of Cullman County as the Democratic Party nominee for Lt. Governor and invited him to address the   Commission on his candidacy.

“I’ve always been able to work across both political aisles during my long career of public service,” Fields stated. “I believe in sharing responsibility and I don’t mind hard work.”

“I’m an advocate for small business because that’s where most of our jobs are created,” he added. “If elected, I’ll look for a tax incentive to keep them going and build a stronger economy.”

The Commission acted on other matters as follows:

•Approved payment of $200 to Danville Athletic Booster Club for the 2014 football program, payable out of the Tourism, Recreation and Convention Fund.

•Authorized Kim Thurston, director of Community Corrections, to fill the position of part-time lab tech at $8.18 per hour with no benefits

•Authorized Amanda Scott, Revenue Commissioner, to fill the position of assessment clerk, Grade 2 ($9.97- $13.01)

•Approved the purchase of right-of-way for $675 for the Rescue Road bridge replacement project in District 4

•Approved certificates to subdivide and consolidate property in Morgan County as follows: Kathryn Whisenant and Rescue United Methodist Church on Union Hill Road in District 4, Rayburn D. and E. Ann Brown on Sharpley Road and Ray Warren on Hopewell Road, both in District 2 and Edwin H. Francis on Hunter Francis Road in District 3

•Authorized Wayne Lindley, building superintendent, to fill the position of assistant building superintendent, Grade 8 ($17.26- $22.52)

•Authorized Ricky Brooks, director of Environmental Services, to purchase 456 garbage carts for $23,370 from Otto Environmental under the H-GAC Purchasing Cooperative, payable out of the Environmental Services Fund

•Authorized Jeff Clark, District 1 Commissioner, to make a donation of $3,000 to Priceville Elementary School for parking lot maintenance, payable out of the District 1 Road and Bridge Fund

•Authorized the chairman to advertise for bids for GPS and alcohol monitoring services for the Morgan County Community Corrections and Court Services

•Authorized the chairman to execute a change order with Walker Bros. LTD on the press box/concession building project at Brindlee Mountain Park in District 4 as follows: Change Order 1 – Increase to $79,650 (consisting of new septic tank system, drop ceilings, re-work electrical, reroute plumbing with contract time increased by 30 days)

•Approved payment of $65,455 to Walker Bros. LTD for work completed on the Brindlee Mountain press box/concession building project

•Approved payment of $150 to GMIS International membership dues for David Hannah, director of Data Processing, effective July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015

•Authorized the chairman and county attorney, or either of them, to request an additional opinion from the Attorney General relating to a proposed contract for inmate telephone services at the Morgan County Jail

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