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Falkville council may vacate Leesdale land

Published 7:16pm Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Falkville Town Council decided they will vacate all or part of the land that is considered to be part of Leesdale during a meeting Tuesday.

A resident is interested in purchasing property in land that was drawn into the town of Leesdale more than 100 years ago. Roads were indicated on a map and mentioned in property deeds, but they were never built. The resident and Falkville town attorney Larry Madison are worried complications could arise from the streets encompassed by the properties being considered for sale.

Madison said the town of Falkville has nothing to lose or gain by vacating the property. They are not losing right of way to any existing roads. The council can choose to vacate First Street, the proposed street encompassed by the property, or go ahead and vacate all the land of Leesdale to negate future problems.

The land can be easily vacated if all the involved landowners sign off on it. If all the landowners do not sign off, the matter would be up to the resident to negotiate further in court.

The council also approved a resolution to apply for a construction development block grant to make upgrades to Culver Road. In a public hearing last Thursday, the council decided to postpone construction to Buster Road in order to make the more pressing upgrades to Culver Road first, which include replacing a culvert.

In order to make the future improvements to Buster Road, the council approved a payment of up to $4,500 for a traffic study at the intersection of Douglas, Buster and East Pike roads.

Councilman David Carroll praised Chief Chris Free for his work with Hartselle Fire Chief Steve Shelton on a solution to the ambulance provider issues.

“Chief Free has been working tirelessly with Chief Shelton to get the ambulance problem fixed,” Carroll said. “He has done an outstanding job to provide progress and stability on this issue. Samaritan, the current provider, has been doing very well so far.”

Mayor Bob Ramey addressed the council with an update on the Falkville Town Hall courtroom additions.

“Our courtroom is coming along, and it should be ready in six to eight weeks,” Ramey said. “We hope to be holding council meetings in there again by September.”

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