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Hartselle considers cracking down on barking dogs

Published 12:04pm Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Hartselle City Council is considering whether to restrict barking dogs within the city limits.

At a work session Monday, Mayor Don Hall asked the council to direct City Attorney Larry Madison to draft revisions to the animal ordinance to include noisy dogs.

“About a year ago, we were asked by a family about doing something to limit barking dogs within the city limits,” Hall said. “They came back and visited me once again last week and I think it’s something that we should look at.”

Hall presented the council with a portion of Vestavia Hills’ animal ordinance, which gives a procedure for reporting noisy dogs. After a first complaint is filed, a warning is issued either verbally or by mail.

The second complaint within a 90-day period would result in mediation between the two parties. The third and subsequent complaints would result in a misdemeanor offense.

The council was planning to discuss the issue with Madison during a regular meeting Tuesday night.

In other business, the council:

• discussed renaming a portion of Old Byrd Road to avoid confusion with addressing for Hartselle Utilities.

• discussed annexing and zoning five acres of land on Nanceford Road.

• discussed accepting the low bid from Schaefer Systems for 549 roll-out refuse containers at a cost of $28,712.70.

• considered approving contracts with the Morgan County Commission for airport and library funding.

  • Wanda W West

    Oh, how I wish my problem was a barking dog. There are more reasons to complain about than barking dogs. How about trying to clean up your street and help keep our city beautiful? I wish we could have it like it was in old days, when children could play outside after dark and be safe. Now they have to play in their backyard with their barking dogs. No one wants to annoy anyone. They just want to have pets in a lovely city, in most cases for their children. I love living in the great city of Hartselle and you will also if you will enjoy the good things instead of focusing on a minute thing as a dog barking. Life is too short. Let’s enjoy what time we have left.

  • Ross Bennett

    Bravo my friend!!

  • Bradley Sharp

    Is Hartselle really hurting for money that bad? Come on!! How about you councilmen find another wild rabbit to chase. To the family that doesn’t like barking dogs: get a hobby, whine about something else, and quit meddling in everyone else’s affairs.

  • Ross Bennett

    When u have people who move into a subdivision and expect to hear crickets and birds there’s a problem….I enjoy hearing screaming kids dogs barking it means we are living!! Either move to the country or get a radio or fan to drown out noise

  • STDog

    So, one person (family?) complains and the council acts, but dozens complain about other issues and the council does nothing?

    Love how no definition of “noisy” is given in the story either.
    Is it just at the whim of the complainer?

  • STDog

    They’ll never know that the noisy dog protected them.

    But when the dog is gone and they become victims, they’ll blame someone else.


    This has got to be the dumbest thing, next to the traffic lights downtown, that this town has discussed! I bet those whiny neighbors won’t complain when that “loud” dog keeps a burglar out of their house!

  • Ross Bennett

    I would like for grown people to not scream yell and cry and harass my family when we are outside can we get a resolution for that?

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