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People must know the correct facts

Published 9:55am Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The people can neither make the right decision nor take the right action unless they have the facts.

Therefore, here are the facts.

The United States was once the most prosperous and powerful nation that has ever existed.

There are two reasons for that.

Sadly, they were lying about the first one when I was in school 70 years ago.

They said that Christopher Columbus accidentally discovered this continent while searching for a short rout to India. That was a bold faced lie.

Columbus was a Christian and he believed that God was guiding him to a continent to help establish a nation whose laws were based upon the Word of God. Our laws were based upon the word of God.

That is the reason Queen Isabella of Spain financed his voyage. She was a Catholic and a high up in the church told her she should show her appreciation to God for His blessings by financing Columbus’ voyage.

Every morning those on Columbus’ ship and the ships with him had prayer and bible reading.

Therefore, God started blessing the US.

Next. When Israel became a nation, we immediately started supporting Israel. God told Abraham, “They that bless you I will bless and those that curse you I will curse.”

Very sadly, the anti-God people of this nation are working feverously to destroy this nation.

Thank you for printing this.


Edwin Slaten

Eva, AL 35621

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