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Shame on the thief

Published 9:57am Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I am writing concerning instances where people decide to take flowers from someone’s grave in a cemetery.

In June 2013, I lost my husband. When I said my final goodbyes and laid him to rest, I purchased a headstone and vase so that I could place flowers there when I visited. For those who have not yet lost a loved one it may be difficult to understand, but placing flowers at the gravesite allows me to find a little comfort. It is important to me to make sure there are always flowers in the vase. I take great pride in picking out flowers for his grave. I recently purchased the most gorgeous flower arrangement for his grave. I placed the arrangement in his vase the last of March. After a short visit, I left pleased at how beautiful his grave looked along with a feeling of pride knowing he would approve. Less than four weeks later, I returned to find that someone took the flowers from the grave. Needless to say, I was heartbroken! It is so unfortunate that some people cannot respect others property. To steal is bad enough but to take flowers from someone else’s grave is unbelievable and lower than low. Shame on the thief!! I forgive the thief but they need to worry about God’s forgiveness! There’s a special place for people who do things like this and I’m sure wouldn’t want to go there.


Vicki Barber


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