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Adding zap to reading

Published 4:03pm Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Falkville Library added “shock“ to “Fizz! Boom! Read!” – the title of its summer reading program – with a presentation on electric safety Thursday afternoon.

Joe Wheeler EMC safety director Mike Johnson wowed his audience of kids with his scale model of a Joe Wheeler power station and typical frame home occupied by “Neon Leon” and “Lightning Liz.” Electric lines connecting the two buildings, a medal ladder and a backhoe completed the exhibit.

“Joe Wheeler EMC is all about the safety of its employees as well as providing its customers with a dependable source of energy in a timely manner,” Johnson explained. “They are aware of the dangers that exist in their work environment and exercise safe work habits.”

He showed the plastic helmet and elbow-length rubber and leather gloves employees wear and pointed out that their clothing is flame retardant.

A video was shown to illustrate unsafe practices such as flying a kite around power lines and playing a radio while in a bathtub. This was followed by a live wire “electric shock” demonstration, using “Neon Leon” and” Lightning Liz” as guinea pigs.

They were shocked and lit up when he created an electric circuit by having them touch a loose, energized power line and by making contact with power lines while raising a metal ladder.

He stressed to them: (1) Don’t touch a dangling electric wire. (2) Don’t take shelter under a tree during a thunderstorm. (3) Stay in a vehicle until help arrives if it makes contract with a downed electric line (4) Call 811 before digging in ground where electric lines have been installed.

Falkville Library will continue its reading program Thursday with a presentation by Sci Quest of Huntsville. The program will end on July 31 with a pizza party and presentation of awards.

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