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Falkville works on Culver Loop water lines

Published 4:09pm Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The town of Falkville will begin work water lines in the Culver Road and Culver Loop area today, July 23.

According to Falk-ville’s mayor Bob Ramey, water lines are currently running across private property.

“We are working to tie these lines into the main water line on Culver Loop,” Ramey said. “This will take the liability off of private land owners should something happen to the lines and put the liability back on the town.”

The project does not have an estimated completion date. This multi-phased project will be worked on when possible. Ramey said the most important part of the project will be getting a line across Culver Road. After that is accomplished, the project will be picked up when time and money is available.

“We are adding this project to the other improvements we are doing to Culver and Buster roads,” Ramey said. “It won’t all be done at once, but I can foresee this project being worked on later this fall. This is just the first phase when we get it across Culver.”

Ramey said the area between Culver Road and the new trucking company does not have a main water line. With the current lines, an interruption in the main line shuts down industries in the area.

The construction will possibly cause disruptions in the residential water lines in the area.

“There will be an interruption the day we tie in the line after we cross Culver Road,” Ramey said. “It should only affect the five or six residents at Culver Road. After that we can isolate where we are working and turn off only that small section so there won’t be more interruptions.”

This project is currently being funded out of the water/sewer budget, according to Ramey. Pipes and materials will be bought as the budget allows. Ramey said this is part of the capital projects funds that will be in the budget next year.

“We passed a one cent increase in sales taxes back in March,” Ramey said. “That increase will help fund capital projects such as this one. We hope to be able to help the citizens of Falkville with more of these little projects.”

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