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The joys of youth as we grow older

Published 4:41pm Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Most of us cannot turn on the TV, read a national magazine or look at social media without being bombarded by “fountain of youth” remedies. There are all types of products to erase the years, fill in the wrinkles and give all of us “older” folks a younger look. Since I sell advertising, I will admit most of them do a good job convincing many to buy and use their products.

In many conversations, the joy of growing older are usually talked about in many groups, especially those over $50. Aching joints, cracking noises when you move and feeling the ill effects of doing tasks that a few years ago never bothered you are just a few of the conversation topics. Gray hair and wrinkled skin are others that seem to bother some folks, as the aging process eventually affects all of us. The phrase youth is wasted on the young might also be heard.

One way to kind of feel your age is by spending time on a college campus. Lynn and I moved a few pieces of furniture to Auburn last weekend to the condo where Jacob lives. While moving the furniture was not a problem at all, it was pretty light and there were no steps involved in the process.

But one can almost feel out of place at many of the spots on campus. While most of us may not think of ourselves as old folks, when you are 19 to 21 years old, anyone over the age of 40 is ancient. Whether you are eating at one of the many restaurants or just driving around town and if you wait too long at a traffic light before taking off, you might hear a horn blow or get an evil eye from one of the younger folks behind you. It’s not necessarily being rude, but their lives move at a faster pace than those of us “older folks.”

But for me I have enjoyed most of the years I have been blessed with. Regardless of my gray hair, I am not ready to admit to being old just yet. The passing of time cannot be slowed down and I for one plan on enjoying the ride as long as possible. Watching younger folks enjoying their lives does make me regret being older, but actually gives me hope for the future. The youth of today have many ideas and may even be bolder in reaching for the stars than some of us older folks were in our youth. The path may not always be smooth, but as I grow older, I thank God for another day and year to enjoy and try to make the most of each day I’ve been given.

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