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City to get rid of gas pumps

Published 4:14pm Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Department of Development director Jeff Johnson wants the City of Hartselle to get out of the gasoline business.

The Hartselle City Council agreed and has decided to solicit bids to decommission the fuel pumps.

Johnson said the cost to bring its current fuel pumps up to standard will be at least $82,000 while the cost to decommission the gas station for city vehicles will be $30,000.

“We’ve patched it together about as much as we can,” Johnson said. “We either need to upgrade the system or decommission the pumps.”

Johnson suggested that the city use a program similar to Fuelman, where city vehicles can purchase fuel from local service stations.

Johnson said the company would receive a daily report of where the cheapest gas station is located in the area. He also said vehicles that are traveling outside of the area can use participating gas stations to refuel.

Johnson said the work would likely not begin until sometime in the new fiscal year.

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