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Pray for wisdom in trials

In the Webster’s dictionary, it defines temptation as: 1. The act of tempting; enticement or allurement 2. Something that tempts, entices or allures 3. The ... Read more

Falkville seniors meet

“Sing unto the Lord, for he hath done excellent things; let this be known in all the Earth,” Isaiah 12:5. Read more

Be a blessing today

Ever start out your day by asking God to let you be a blessing to someone that day? Read more

Luke Asherbranner celebrated second birthday on May 10

Falkville, located at 305 Main Street, holds the following services each week: Sunday school at 9:15 a.m., morning worship at 10:30 a.m., AWANA at 5 ... Read more

“Pop” Aratzi teen club opening June 5

The Pop Aratzi teen club, located on 2101 County Road 1435 in Vinemont will be opening June 5. Read more

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