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Easter past and present

Easter Sunday is when millions of Christians celebrate in a special way the Resurrection of Christ. Unlike Christmas, the date of Easter changes from year ... Read more

A look back: Growing up on the farm

At present, most Alabamians make their livings off the farm. Before the mid-20th century, this wasn’t the case and a lot of group activities were very ... Read more

A look back at V-Day

One of the happiest holidays of the year is Valentine’s Day. There will be large sales of flowers, cards and candy (plus more expensive gifts) ... Read more

A look back at the Rosenwald School

As Enquirer readers know from last week’s issue, a historic marker will soon be erected at the site of the Morgan County Training School. Aug. ... Read more

A look back at other illnesses

Last week we looked at influenza as one of the (currently and usually) nonfatal diseases from which people may suffer to the extent that they ... Read more

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