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LETTER: Congratulations Burleson School

Dear Editor, I have had the pleasure of working at F.E. Burleson for over 20 years. What has been constant throughout that time is the ... Read more

LETTER: Local scouts commended for attaining Eagle rank

Dear Editor, Wow! Eight Eagles in one troop achieving that goal at the same time. The leaders of Troop 77 are to be commended for ... Read more

LETTER: Journey to Heaven

Dear Editor, May I enter into the Hartselle Enquirer my God-given poetic thoughts, thank you all for our local newspaper! “Sphere of Influence” Share your ... Read more

LETTER: Local restaurant worker responds to letter

Dear Editor: In response to Mr. Palmer’s letter “Couple pay $10.95 in add on charges.” I feel his letter was very misleading and downright unfair ... Read more

LETTER: A strange sighting in downtown Hartselle

Dear Editor: You’ll never believe what I saw in downtown Hartselle just a few days before Christmas. A great blue heron! I was walking in ... Read more

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