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Caregiver regulations

There is no current regulation in Alabama that requires care giver entities to be licensed and bonded. No background checks, MVR reports, work history, or ... Read more

Thank you for your service

I wrote this poem “The Proud” several years ago. I would like to share it with your readers for all the service men and women ... Read more

Words of wisdom as a blessing for fathers

May I enter these words of wisdom from the author unknown as a blessing and encouragement to all our God-given dads on their special honored ... Read more

A letter from Cedar Creek FWB Church’s new pastor

The newly elected pastor Cliff Tomlinson and wife, Suzanna, along with the congregation of Cedar Creek FWB Church would like to invite you come and ... Read more

Call for video cameras on police cars

The Bill of Rights; The first ten amendments to the Constitution, were written with the express intent of securing the rights of the individual, as ... Read more

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