Letters to the Editor

LETTER: Please be considerate in our neighborhood

As residents of Main Street East in Hartselle, my neighbors and I have been through a year of road work, inconvenience, and “growing pains” in ... Read more

Bethel Road work is long overdue

Dear Editor, I would like to congratulate who ever the “numskull” is who told, or allowed Reed Construction to work on both ends of Bethel ... Read more

Summer program was a success

Dear Editor, The William Bradford Huie Library of Hartselle recently finished our 2013 Summer Reading Program “Dig Into Reading”. We would like to thank the ... Read more

City needs to resolve parking issue

Dear Editor, I would like to thank Hartselle’s senior elected officials for helping to keep the city motto alive. Read more

Why support Hartselle?

Dear Editor, I keep seeing these signs, advertisements and newspaper articles that keep reminding Hartselle residents to shop Hartselle and keep our local tax dollars ... Read more | 1 comment

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