Letters to the Editor

Francis had the correct facts

I would like to commend Mr. Bob Francis and the entire committee for HEGD. They ran a very professional and respectful campaign. Hats off to ... Read more | 1 comment

Change isn’t always better

After a little fact checking I think HCED makes an excellent point - “Continued population growth without proportionate retail (sales tax) growth will negatively impact ... Read more

Letter: Dry claims are ridiculous

Why are Hartselle area churches opposed to the legal sale and consumption of alcohol? Read more | 1 comment

LETTER: Hype-r Inflation is ‘all wet’

In the interest of making the whole truth known about inflation, per capita sales tax and real expenses related to the proposed sale of alcohol ... Read more | 3 comments

Don’t let alcohol put its hooks in you

Dear Editor, Voting to bring public legal sales of alcohol to Hartselle makes you just as guilty and accountable as if you opened your own ... Read more | 1 comment

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