Letters to the Editor

Dusty Smith family thanks residents for support

To the people of Hartselle and Morgan County, I would like to extend my appreciation for all you have done throughout the services and funeral ... Read more

Dry supporters are threatening local business owners

I would like to respond to Mr. Seibert’s letter in last week’s edition of the Enquirer. Read more | 2 comments

Zero period is asset to HHS students

Hartselle High School is allowing students to take an additional class this school year by giving the option of taking the course prior to school’s ... Read more

‘U Prayed’ doesn’t endorse candidates

A mailout sent from the Committee For a Safe Hartselle, endorsing certain candidates for office, has nothing to do with the “Committee For a Better ... Read more

No need to borrow trouble, vote no

After a lot of soul searching, I feel it is time for my first “letter to the editor.” Read more

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