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Spring forward to Easter

Getting ready for a meeting this morning, I heard something hitting the windows outside. I thought for a few seconds about what it could be, ... Read more

Easter egg hunts of the past

Something was missing from all the excitement surrounding the Kiwanis Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday. I saw nary an egg as I hopped, jumped and ... Read more

Column: Glass of tea y’all?

If you have lived in the South for any length of time, you have probably heard the question above when visiting friends or family or ... Read more

A man of honor

While attending the funeral of Hartselle native and favorite son Tommy Ed Roberts this week, the word “honor” was used during the funeral service. Read more

COLUMN: Good things are free

There isn’t too much in life that’s free. And even some things that claim they’re free aren’t really after looking at the details. But I ... Read more

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