Listening to good stories

I love it when I get to sit in on events like I had the opportunity on Monday at Hartselle High School. Read more

A parenting lesson not to forget

Most of us could not turn on the television, read Facebook, follow Twitter posts or carry on a discussion without the topic of the young ... Read more

Welcome, but follow the rules

This week we as a people of the United States of America will be celebrating 238 years of Independence and the birth of our nation. Read more

A look back at weddings

The month of June just concluded was traditionally viewed as the wedding month. The only wedding my wife and I have attended this year ... Read more

Fourth of July memories

Next to Christmas, the Fourth of July is my favorite holiday. Read more

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Opinion Columnists

Devices no longer a ‘no-no’

Just a few short years ago, electronic devices were shunned in the classroom. Read more

Letters to the Editor

Get rid of the crabgrass in our civilization

Crabgrass does not belong in civilization. Read more

Shame on the thief

I am writing concerning instances where people decide to take flowers from someone‚Äôs grave in a cemetery. Read more

People must know the correct facts

The people can neither make the right decision nor take the right action unless they have the facts. Read more

Telemarketers get creative

Of course, we have always gotten telemarketing calls, calls for lower interest rate, or whatever. We have been getting way too many lower interest rate ... Read more

Ambulance fix needed

The ambulance issue in the neighboring municipalities of Hartselle and Falkville is becoming a major concern. Read more