He’s got my back

Last week Lynn and I took off for a few days and went to the Smokey Mountains for a long weekend getaway. Read more

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge praised

How gratifying it is to know that so many people have accepted the ALS ice-bucket challenge and are becoming more aware of this dreaded disease. Read more

Early start to football season

It's hard to believe that football begins this week. Read more

The joys of youth as we grow older

Most of us cannot turn on the TV, read a national magazine or look at social media without being bombarded by “fountain of youth” remedies. Read more

Thanks extended for student support

A big thank you to each and every individual and business that helped make this year’s “Backpack Bonanza” possible. Read more

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Opinion Columnists

Cotton fields are calling

Stopping for a school bus to unload its passengers is all I need to be reminded of my cotton picking days back on the farm. Read more

Letters to the Editor

Voting “No,” living “Yes” hurts Hartselle’s image

For full disclosure, I am a “Go Wet” person. Read more

You violated my rights

I would like to say to the person who stole my "vote no” sign from my yard, you violated my rights as an American Citizen. Read more

Thanks for your coverage

To everyone with the Hartselle Enquirer, I would like to thank each of your for the extensive coverage of our Summer Reading Program in your ... Read more

Article made me nauseated

I have read the anonymous article about senior citizens. Read more

None of us are perfect

I was saddened by the news report of our Mayor. I do not agree with what he did but none of us are perfect. Read more