A look back at good eating

In this era of fast-food and take-out dining healthy eating is a goal not always easily achieved. In some respects our ancestors ate more nutritiously ... Read more

Double heartbreak

Last weekend Lynn and I attended another Family Update meeting for families whose loved ones were never recovered during war times. Read more

Safety in a storm

If winter is halfway over, spring can’t be far behind. What that means is another tornado season is just around the corner. Read more

A look back at music in schools

March 2016—which begins in twelve more days—including National Peanut Month. Read more

Stronger united

In 1975 the City of Hartselle formed its own school system and pulled out of the Morgan County system, district lines were drawn and where ... Read more

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Opinion Columnists

Two more empty desks

It is very difficult to believe that I am writing again about young people who have lost their lives again. Two young ladies from Hartselle ... Read more

Letters to the Editor

Our area lives the word RESPECT

Just one of the reasons I live in Morgan County: Respect. Read more

Dear Editor

Before you go vote Tuesday March 1 please take a look at ... Read more

God had his angels around me

Reading your letter of last week, Feb. 10, about Guardian Angels protecting us, it made me think about many times I know that God had ... Read more

Neidert family kudos to Joe Wheeler State Park

The Neidert family had an absolutely perfect time during our reunion at Joe Wheeler State Park last month. I heard of no problems with the ... Read more

Confederate flags and monuments

I would like to address the subject of the Confederate flags and monuments and disseminate a bit of true information in light of the unfounded ... Read more