COLUMN: Fred, thanks for your service

I believe I have read this statement somewhere: “find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life.” If you have ... Read more

COLUMN: Good news for the cattle business

If you’re a producer of beef, this is a good time for you. Beef prices are going up and it looks like they’re going to ... Read more

A look back at Health (II)

As noted last week, during the patent medicine era many medicines attempted to secure a bigger share of the self-medication market by attaching a physician’s ... Read more

COLUMN: Hooray for under $2 gas

Two weeks ago, I jumped up and down when regular gas prices dropped below $2 per gallon, went out and conducted some interviews at the ... Read more

COLUMN: Reading God’s Word

As a pastor, I often get asked how I go about studying the Bible and studying theology especially coming into the beginning of a new ... Read more

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Opinion Columnists

Progress edition flashbacks

A writer’s mind is a lot like the energized bunny. It never stops! Read more

Letters to the Editor

Hartselle’s fuzzy demographics

Leaving in Hartselle is a continual learning experience. Read more

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Enjoyable reading found in Enquirer

Dear Editor: Thank you for providing interesting and enjoyable reading in your weekly newspaper and monthly Hartselle Living magazine. Dr. Stewart’s column has always been ... Read more


Dear Editor: A special thanks to the Public Works Department for the great job they did cleaning the streets during our heavy snow. They worked ... Read more

Griffin Mobility a caring business

My wife and I want to express a very special thank you to Aaron and the staff at Griffin Mobility located here in Hartselle. Read more

One-way traffic flow a concern

As a shop owner in downtown Hartselle, I am a strong supporter of downtown progress. Providing functional, safe and enjoyable traffic conditions would be major ... Read more