Latest Records

Morgan County Marriage Licenses

•Terry Joe Lindsey, 04-11-1967, of Huntsville to Elisabeth Salome Mullison, 11-01-1995, of Huntsville •William Dawson Garrison, 12-10-1966, of Hartselle to Teena Anne Starr, 07-19-1962, of ... Read more

Morgan County Restaurant Ratings

Date ranges from April 10-16 Somerville Cotaco Grocery – 92 Huskey Park Old – 93 Huskey Park New – 95   Hartselle Dari-Delite – 92 ... Read more

Hartselle Building Permits

•Kevin Farnsworth, 306 Stewart St. NW, residential natural gas, $500 valuation •Stan Curneal, 409 Audubon Street, residential electrical, $1,200 valuation •Larry Hannah, 1303 Sparkman St. ... Read more

Morgan County Sheriff’s Report

•Jewelry –stolen– Sherbrook Drive, Lacey’s Spring •Cash, jewelry –stolen– Targum Road, Hartselle •4 wheeler –stolen– Blackwood Drive, Hartselle •Purse with contents, jewelry, change –stolen– Highway ... Read more

Morgan County Marriage Licenses

•Artie Lanier Dabbs, 09-06-1978, of Decatur to Sandrea Montria White, 04-29-1974, of Decatur •Joshua Matthew Cofield, 04-02-1990, of Decatur to Taylor Marie Baird, 02-07-1990, of ... Read more