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The Hartselle Enquirer office is located at 407 Chestnut St. NW in Hartselle, Ala. Our mailing address is P.O. Box 929, Hartselle, AL 35640.

Phone Number: 256-773-6566

Fax number: 256-773-1953

Mission Statement: Hartselle Newspapers strives to be an integral part of Hartselle and Morgan County by being a leader and a positive influence in our community. We will report the news and events honestly, fairly, and accurately. We will promote area commerce and business and provide for the welfare of our employees; our greatest asset. Living and working side by side with our readers and advertisers according to the Golden Rule, treating others as we wish to be treated.


President and Publisher
Randy Garrison
Phone: 256-286-0233
E-mail: randy.garrison@hartselleenquirer.com
Managing Editor
Brent Maze
Phone: 256-773-6568
E-mail: brent.maze@hartselleenquirer.com
clifknight Staff Writer
Clif Knight
Phone: 256-286-0235
E-mail: clif.knight@hartselleenquirer.com
Staff Writer
Joy Haynes
Phone: 256-773-6567
E-mail: joy.haynes@hartselleenquirer.com
annkirby Office Assistant
Ann Kirby
Phone: 256-286-0176
E-mail: ann.kirby@hartselleenquirer.com
Office Assistant
April Thompson
Phone: 256-286-0176
E-mail: april.thompson@hartselleenquirer.com
Classified Advertising
Phone: 205-669-3131
E-mail: classifieds@hartselleenquirer.com
Legal Advertising
Phone: 205-669-3131 ext. 36
E-mail: public.notices@hartselleenquirer.com
Richard Hollingsworth
Phone: 256-773-6566
E-mail: news@hartselleenquirer.com

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